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Duncurra is a small independent publishing company. We highly value the heart and soul, energy, time, and talent that our authors pour into their stories.

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Dealing with the Devil

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Wynn Hendricks is not your average teenager. All she wants is to finish high school, but normal things seem impossible when the monsters under her bed are real…

Unexpectedly, a Demon Lord appears, declaring her soul is his property and throwing her world into utter chaos. Heaven and Hell are at war, with her fragile life caught between them. To regain her freedom, she must conquer the Seven Deadly Sins and prove she has the strength to control her inner demons.

Wynn discovers new forces, new allies, and enemies she never knew existed—including her own human weakness. She refuses to go down without a struggle, and against the powers of darkness, she vows to Fight. Like. HELL.




Highland Courage

99 cents April 26th- May 3rd 

Space Coast Book Lovers Convention

Come join us at the 5th Annual Space Coast Book Lovers Event 2020, being held in beautiful Cape Canaveral, FL on June 24th - June 27th. We have some amazingly talented authors of all genres sure to provide you with several additions to your TBR list! Our goal is to bring you an intimate event designed to encourage one-on-one interaction with your favorite authors and to give you the opportunity to discover authors that you have not read yet.